What's new on mayesh.com?

On Saturday, January 8th, a bunch of enhancements rolled out to mayesh.com just for you. Here's a list for your reference and a quick video tour.

Before we jump into these amazing new features, we just wanted to remind you that if you have not done so already, please reset your password. We made a few cyber security upgrades and now that they have been implemented we need you to take an extra step next time you log into your mayesh.com account. Next time you log in please update your password, it will be the only way you can access your account and shop. This is a one-time password update!

And now for the fun stuff! Are you ready to see what's new?

Main Menu Bar

We have combined the Shop Menu with Buying Tools Menu to reduce your clicks and keep everything you need to shop in one place. 




You can still find all of your shopping programs, categories, and colors, but they are now all in one spot. Did you also notice we added a Shop By Date section? This takes you to the shopping page where you can choose which delivery date you want to receive your product on. We added this because you can shop ALL Mayesh programs that have the same delivery date, at the same time (with a couple of exceptions - e.g. Dutch Direct BoxLots) 

A lot of our users find this gives them more shopping options allowing them, for example, to shop for a box of carnations and three stems of roses for the same event, at the same time, places those items in the same shopping cart so you can check out both items at the SAME time! Streamline ordering for any size event, design, or order. 

But if you want to only shop by a specific unit quantity, program, or color, we have a filter for that! Actually, we have a filter for everything. On the left-hand side of the shopping page, you can find every filter we could think of to help you narrow down exactly what you are looking for. These filters are also on mobile! 

Wish Lists & Product Planner

That’s right, there is an “s” after Wish Lists because you can now make MULTIPLE! We have added the ability to not only make as many lists as you want but name them as well. You can choose which list you want specific products to be housed under and get notifications when they are in stock. 

What might be even more exciting, and the number one most requested feature enhancement on the website by our customers, is the ability to SAVE your Product Planners. You can now save come back to your recipes to continue to edit, add and work on them at your own pace. Once you are done you can submit them to your sales rep for review. 

American Grown

Mayesh takes sustainability very seriously. We know how hard our industry can be on the planet and want to try in any way to minimize our impact. In order to give our customers the option to make similar choices, we have added an American Flag symbol on all our locally sourced products. This allows you to choose green when shopping online. 

Mayesh Pulls

Our customers love Mayesh Pulls. Pulls allow you to send your sales rep a “look”, mood board, or general color scheme. Your rep will design a personalized rack just for you and send you a photo so you can edit, modify or add to your heart’s content before you purchase the rack.  

Before you had to search really hard to find where to submit your Mayesh Pull online. Now you can find them on the main menu. No hunting is required. 

For branches with Live & Local, keep an eye out for premade Mayesh Pulls available to buy. We have created a way for your sales reps to design their own pulls and allow you to buy the look or even the exact pull online for same-day or next-day pick up or delivery! 

Let’s Get Techy

The computer geniuses of the world are always looking for better, faster, ways to make something work. Our brain trust of nerds are not different. They have spent sleepless nights developing, coding, and adding a little of their own creative magic to the website, all in the name of “enhancements”. 

For a quick overview of what they have done: 

  1. Increased the overall website speed. 
  2. Increased the page rendering speed. 
  3. Increased personal user security.
  4. Updated back-end ordering processes to streamline orders directly to the farms and your sales reps.
  5. Improved the main search bar and shopping page search bars to allow for more creative spelling.
  6. Improved the main search bar to include ALL Mayesh Market programs, including Hardgoods and Dutch Direct BoxLots. (for applicable locations) 

If you want a quick tour of the website, watch the video below. If you want a more personal touch, then be sure to RSVP for one of our upcoming live Virtual Tours. A real person will walk you through the website and be able to answer any questions you may have.