What is the price or cost of our products (flowers, greens, preserved, etc)?

While we are not able to provide pricing online, we have several ways that you can request a quote or pricing on flowers.

Here are some common questions that we get asked: what is the price for roses, can I get a quote on these items, and how much does something cost?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide pricing online via our Live Chat, Contact Page, and Direct Messages, as it varies from location to location due to various factors (e.g. freight costs).

While we are not able to provide pricing online, we do offer some online tools that can help you - Flower Library, Product Planner, and Price Lists. Also, don't forget that you are always welcome to reach out directly to your Mayesh sales rep. If you are not a current Mayesh customer, registering first will help expedite your request.

Many of our branches send out weekly, holiday, and special price lists. We realize that those pricing emails may be hard to find or organize, so we started to upload any available price lists to your Mayesh account. 

Mayesh Price Lists

Our Flower Library is a great resource that not only provides images of our products and seasonal information but also provides you the ability to submit a quote. Start by logging in, selecting your desired date, and then browse the available flowers. You can use the filters on the left-hand side to further drill down to find the flowers you are looking for. When you come across the item(s) you want to quote, update the desired quantity, and then click the quote button. Once you are done building the quote, you will click the quote link at the top right-hand side, fill out your information on the Quote List page, and then click "Submit Quote". You will hear back from your sales rep within 24-48 hours.

Mayesh Flower Library

The Product Planner is another option that allows you to submit a quote to your sales rep. This online tool is different because it allows you to build your flower recipes and calculate the total number of stems needed for an event or design that you are planning. You can even upload a mood board or other file that you think may help your sales rep convey your flower needs. Afterward, click submit and you will hear back from your sales rep 24-48 hours.

Mayesh Product Planner