What is a Mayesh Pull and how do I order one?

A Mayesh Pull is a way to order flowers that focuses on a color palette and look. Ordering is easy with your sales rep or by filling out our online order form.

A Mayesh Pull is an additional way for you to order your flowers. Instead of focusing on specific flowers and varieties, your sales rep pulls the best products that fit the look and color that you are going for and that fits your budget. Send your sales rep a budget, color palette, and some inspiration images (we'll even take Pinterest boards!) and let them work their magic to create a custom pull. Before anything is final, you will be able to review the pull, remove or add items, and give your final stamp of approval before it is packed up and on its way to you! Connect with your sales rep or visit our Mayesh Pull page to order your Mayesh Pull!

Check out the infographic and a short video about the Mayesh Pull process below: